About Fluwar

Notes about flu...

The question is not "Will there be another flu pandemic?", but rather "When will the next flu pandemic hit?". In 1918, the flu infected 20-40% of the world's population, killing an estimated 50 million people. This was well before the advent of frequent global air travel. Worldwide, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates 3-5 million severe flu cases each year with an estimated 250,000-500,000 deaths. In terms of the healthcare burden, in the U.S. alone the estimated cost of annual flu outbreaks is $71-$167 billion per year.

Apart from helping to prevent flu transmission, our products will also be effective at reducing the transmission of viruses that cause the common cold (approximately 200 different viruses). In general, viruses that cause the common cold are not inherently deadly. They are however costly, perhaps as much as $40 billion per year in the U.S. with countless numbers of lost work days, school days, etc. Further, serious secondary infections such as pneumonia can follow a cold after damage to the upper respiratory tract

Our products will change the landscape of illness prevention.

1st Line of Defense: Hand Sanitizer Wipes, Sprays, & Gels

Hand sanitizer wipes & gels are the first line of defense when soap and water are unavailable. Cold and flu viruses are transmitted in two ways;

  1. By contact with an infected surface (aka a fomite, such as a doorknob, gas pump, etc.), followed by touching of the face (especially the nose).
  2. By aerosols (coughing and sneezing).

As we all know, finding the time and place for hand washing is not easy when you are on the go. Think of your kids at school walking into third period and sitting down at a shared desk where the last occupant was running a fever and sneezing profusely. Our hand sanitizer wipes and gels will be the answer for on-the-go prevention of contact transmission. They are also effective at killing pathogens that can cause stomach flu, skin infections, and other respiratory infection.

FluWar Attributes

  • Kills bacteria in and out of the peak flu seasons
  • Maximizes germ prevention
  • Is biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Moisturizing and long lasting in comparison to Alcohol based products
  • Can be used "on the go" to clean any surface where you encounter germs or dirt
  • Wipes away dirt residue and keeps hands clean

Product Facts

FluWar Formula

  • Our products use a compound from the Quarternary Ammonium family abbreviated "Quats".
  • Specifically the formula in the wipes and gels are made with the Antimicrobial, Benzalkonium Chloride or "BZK".
  • Studies suggest that "BZK" compound can be even more effective than alcohol based products.
  • Alcohol based sanitizing formulas dry within 10-20 seconds on your hands and require repeated use. Also, they have been known to cause dryness of the skin and Irritation.
  • BZK can last for a sustained amount of time. We're talking hours vs seconds. Most importantly, BZK acts a moisturizing agent when in contact with skin.
  • FluWarâ„¢ will continue to be at the forefront of clinical studies and will fund research to better understand best practices in use of our products.